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A smart glove capable of sensing electrical signals from your body, keeping track of your health and letting you know how you are doing while you sleep, work and go about your daily routine – that’s TJay for you.

TJay is currently designed for the early detection and management of epilepsy. With TJay, we hope to make the lives of people with epilepsy safer and remove some of the uncertainties they deal with every day. We are also trying to make it easier for doctors to arrive at a more accurate and faster diagnosis, with the help of streaming real-time data, collected over long periods of time.

The TJay glove has several sensors that extracts information from the palm of a hand. This information is transmitted continuously to Poketee, which is a personal data gateway and intelligent system that comes with TJay. Poketee keeps sending this information to our cloud environment at set intervals.


How TJay works

Sensors, processors and advanced algorithms all working for you for an amazing experience

TJay, our flagship product is a patent-pending IoT solution for the holistic management of epilepsy. It consists of a wearable device and an ML/AI-based software solution that provides predictions before the onset of epilepsy.

With TJay, we are trying to respond to two fundamental questions that arise in the minds of people with epilepsy and their caregivers:

  • How can we make the lives of people with epilepsy safer and enable them have a better quality of life?

  • How can we enable doctors to provide more accurate and faster diagnosis, especially to those who do not have access to specialists (neurologists, neurosurgeons and epileptologists)?

We discovered that the answer lies in wearable technology that allows us to monitor people with epilepsy continuously, remotely and non-invasively.

There are two key parts to our solution – the TJay hardware which is a specialized glove with embedded sensors that acquires signals from the palm and transmits them in realtime to a cloud environment, and a software solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that will evolve as a decision support system for doctors.

The integration of the hardware and the software enables us to:

  • predict the onset of certain types of epilepsy so that patients could be provided with an intervention that makes their lives safer (like being given an emergency medication that helps to abort the attack) or be taken to hospitals or care centers that could provide the necessary support.

  • help doctors make data-driven decisions, instead of assumption-driven decisions, enable them to check the efficacy of medications based on actual data streaming from patients, and provide customized management plans to each patient instead of generalizing the care.

  • enable hospitals and doctors to monitor patients remotely and provide proactive support, like sending care to the doorstep of patients, instead of the patient coming to the hospital for care.


The nitty gritty that makes TJay what it is

TJay Specifications TJay Specifications

TJay Timeline

The journey of TJay from ideation to your hand

TJay Impact

The impact of TJay felt far and near

Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder that affects people worldwide. According to World Health Organization, in 2015, about 50 million people worldwide had epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological problems globally.

Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures that are brief episodes of involuntary movement involving a part of the body (partial) or the entire body (generalized).

Even today, epilepsy is not a very well understood condition. The unpredictive way this disorder manifests makes it difficult in many cases to monitor and treat it in a proper manner. The appropriate treatment of this condition is very essential, as it could drastically and adversely affect a person's health if a wrong treatment is given. In such a situation, a continuous monitoring of the person plays a very important role in the correct diagnosis, timely preventive measure and appropriate treatment.

The TJay Circle of Care is our platform through which we aim to bring persons with epilepsy, doctors, hospitals and the community under one roof.

In this connected world, the TJay Circle of Care is one way of getting everyone connected via smart technology, to share stories of healing and motivation and to bring to an end to the stigma associated with epilepsy. As an organization, TerraBlue XT is absolutely committed to bringing in the change in mindset – of the community, medical professionals and families while caring or dealing with people with epilepsy. In fact, we want to lead this positive change and do what we could to bring an end to the stigma. We believe it all starts with acceptance – acceptance that people with epilepsy are just the same as us, with notions of love and life


A wee bit more about TJay to make things clearer to you...

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which is characterized by sudden recurrent episodes of seizures – sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions.

The seizures are caused by bursts of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, an imbalance of nerve signaling chemicals (neurotransmitters), or by a combination of these factors. Head injuries, brain tumors, lead poisoning, certain genetic diseases and some infectious diseases may lead to epilepsy. For a large number of people, the underlying cause of epilepsy remains unknown.

A seizure refers to a single episode of abnormal movement or behavior due to unusual electrical activity in the brain. A person who have had a single episode of seizure may not have epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a group of related disorders characterized by a tendency of a person to have recurrent seizures.

TJay is a wearable device that helps in the management of epilepsy. TJay comes with its own data gateway and intelligent system called PokeTee. With TJay, you will get alerts about epilepsy and understand your seizures better. Please see TJay for PWE for details.

You can see the data collected by TJay through the TJay app on any web or internet-enabled device, including any smart device. You can also view your data offline by hooking up Poketee to your laptop.

The sensors placed on the TJay glove continuously keep monitoring your health. During a seizure there are well known changes that occur in the autonomic nervous system. Our sensors detect even subtle changes in the autonomic nervous system, including both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The analysis of the sensor data tells us whether you are fine or whether there’s a likelihood of you becoming unwell in the ensuing time.

If from the sensor data we figure you are about to become unwell, we will send an alert to you and a nominated caregiver, so that if possible you can take an emergency medicine to abort the seizure.

We will also record the entire seizure event if it plays out so that you and your doctor both understand what happens inside your body as you go through a seizure episode. This data may help your doctor to validate his understanding of your seizure and also provide him with other insights to personalize your care.

Currently, TJay works best for generalized tonic clonic (GTCS), complex partial and partial seizures. We are still working on extending the capabilities of our sensors and algorithms, and we feel TJay may help in the management of several other types of seizures. Please stay tuned to our website for details on our research.

Our preliminary tests show that TJay is quite accurate in detecting a seizure.

However, we need to wait some more time before declaring a percentage of success. We are still in the process of testing TJay for its ability to predict and detect a seizure with real patients and by the end of the next round of test in May 2018, we should be able to share a proper percentage of accuracy. Stay tuned to this website for the results of the test.

Yes, TJay is based only on science

There are several studies that have shown the relationship between seizures and the autonomic nervous system. For example, the relationship between seizures and changes in heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) is well known.

TJay is built on the premise that during a seizure the autonomic nervous system, including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system show marked changes. The intrinsic study of these changes help us to detect or predict a seizure.

We follow all required industry standards for our hardware and software. We have put all the necessary systems in place to get our hardware CE and FDA approved.

Since we are still in the development stage, we are not yet ready to file for regulatory approvals. Stay tuned to our website for updates on regulations.

No, we have designed TJay in a way that it is not harmful. We are still working on the final safety specifications and we hope have them finalized by the end of April, 2018. Stay tuned to this website for updates on the safety features.

If all goes well, we hope to release TJay by June of 2018.

If you have pre-ordered a TJay, you may be one of the first guys to receive a TJay. We are building only 5000 pieces in the first lot, so it’s a good idea to pre-order one today.

We are now working on creating a commercial version of TJay. Our hardware and software are both complex and therefore, we need enough time to make sure we have the right product for you.

But to give you a high level idea, we will release the next version of our MVP on 30th April, 2018, do a beta release by the end of August, 2018 and finally do a commercial release by the end of 2018.

Yes, you can if you meet our criteria. We have started enrolling patients for clinical trials and you can write to us as clinicaltrials@teblux.com for details.

Yes, you can, if you fulfil the requirements of the beta test. Please send us a mail at info@teblux.com and we will send you the details when we start enrolling for the test.

Please note we still have a long way to go for our beta release, and you may not hear from us till April of 2018. Hope you will bear with us till then.

Since we are still finetuning the design of TJay and experimenting with different components, we still have not arrived at a definitive price for TJay.

We would like to see TJay being used by a larger section of the society, and keeping this in mind we hope to soon come up with an acceptable price. Stay tuned for an update on price.